Saturday, 23 March 2013

Complete & Accurate Yoji Anjoh

So a few days ago I kind of made an offhand comment that Yoji Anjoh would make a great Complete & Accurate candidate. I didn't really have any intention of starting a Complete & Accurate Anjoh, but well, fuck it, here I go again on my own, going down the only road I've ever known.

Anjoh wasn't really a guy I paid a huge deal of attention to until a couple years ago. He was involved in a lot of matches I liked and he was always someone I dug, but he wasn't someone I'd get excited about watching. Then a switch must've been flicked, because at this point he's maybe one of my ten favourite wrestlers of all time. Charisma out the wazoo, incredible douchebag, killer on the mat; Anjoh is just a hell of a pro-wrestler. I also feel like there's bound to be a ton of stuff out there that nobody talks about, and I'd be stunned if there wasn't a few dozen gems in amongst it all. So the goal is to watch it all and stick it down here (under EPIC, GREAT, GOOD, FUN and SKIPPABLE).

Yoji Anjoh v Norman Smiley (UWF, 8/13/88) - GOOD

Yoji Anjoh v Wayne Shamrock (UWF, 10/25/90) - GREAT

Yoji Anjoh & Yuko Miyato v Kazuo Yamazaki & Tatsuo Nakano (UWFi, 5/10/91) - FUN
Yoji Anjoh v Tatsuo Nakano (UWFi, 6/6/91) - FUN
Yoji Anjoh v Kiyoshi Tamura (UWFi, 7/3/91) - EPIC
Yoji Anjoh & Jim Boss v Nobuhiko Takada & Kiyoshi Tamura (UWFi, 7/30/91) - GOOD
Yoji Anjoh v Gary Albright (UWFi, 8/24/91) - GOOD
Yoji Anjoh v Kazuo Yamazaki (UWFi, 9/26/91) - GREAT

Yoji Anjoh & Kazuo Yamazaki v Gary Albright & Jim Boss (UWFi, 1/9/92) - EPIC

Yoji Anjoh v Naoki Sano (UWFi, 8/13/93) - EPIC
Yoji Anjoh v Billy Scott (UWFi, 12/5/93) - GOOD

Yoji Anjoh v Victor Zangiev (UWFi, 4/13/94) - GREAT 

Yoji Anjoh v Masa Chono (UWFi, 10/28/95) - GOOD
Yoji Anjoh v Masa Chono (New Japan, 12/10/95) - FUN

Yoji Anjoh & Yoshihiro Takayama v Hiromichi Fuyuki & Gedo (UWFi, 5/27/96) - FUN
Yoji Anjoh v Genichiro Tenryu (WAR, 7/21/96) - GREAT

Yoji Anjoh v Masahito Kakihara (Kingdom, 12/14/97) - SKIPPABLE

Yoji Anjoh & Genichiro Tenryu v Taiyo Kea & Johnny(???) Smith (All Japan, 7/14/01) - FUN 

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