Saturday, 23 March 2013

Walk This Way, the Way of Yoji Anjoh

Yoji Anjoh v Masa Chono (UWFi, 10/28/95) - GOOD

This was a ton of fun. Before the bell Anjoh drops Chono with a high kick to the dome, and from there it's more or less about two douchebags trying to out-douchebag each other. And they go about doing that in really nasty ways. Anjoh will force a rope break and slither out to the floor to take a breather and rile everybody up, so the next time Anjoh grabs a kneebar Chono forces him to break it by gouging at his eyes and fish hooking him. Chono hits Anjoh low to counter a go-behind, so Anjoh gets him back by catching a Yakuza kick and kneeing him right in the plums, which was a fucking AWESOME counter/payback spot. Anjoh's sell of an earlier Yakuza kick was great as well, really whipping his head around like it gave him whiplash. I'm a mark for post-match riots in these inter-promotional feuds, and we get a big post-match pull apart here. Anjoh waiting until Tenzan is just about out of the ring before running over and booting him in the head is total Anjoh douchebaggery. 

Complete & Accurate Anjoh

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