Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Rey's the Body Dropper, the Heartbeat Stopper, Child Educator Plus Head Amputator

Rey Mysterio v John Cena (RAW, 7/26/11)

Great, great match. I haven't exactly watched a ton of WWE TV this decade, but has there been a better crowd for a WWE TV match since we hit 2010? Shit, has there been a better WWE TV match since we hit 2010, period? Actually, fuck all that; this feels like one of the best WWE TV matches they've ever put out. At least on RAW. All of Rey's early kicks to Cena's thigh looked and sounded nasty, and I loved how that remained a theme for the rest of the match. When Cena's really going above and beyond to sell a body part he is fucking awesome, and he was exactly that here. Cena coming back with the power moves was great as well. He isn't a guy with perfect execution on stuff, but I like that about him. Sometimes it'll look like he just muscles a guy in the air and chucks him. It doesn't really look like a wrestling move as opposed to a guy with freakish strength flinging someone halfway across a ring. There's a few spots in this that look like that, and all of them ruled. Rey tries to do a hurricanrana out of the corner, so Cena just launches him away in what might've been a powerbomb attempt, but Rey ends up going sideways and almost lands on his face and shoulder. Rey constantly countering or fighting out of the FU/AA is cool on its own, but Cena straight up muscling him into position to hit it in the first place made it even better. Rey's desperate to avoid it, Cena's determined to hit it. Cena's legdrop off the top to the bent over opponent is a little different here as well, and it was about as good as I've ever seen it. When Cena comes off the top Rey is already upright, so Cena just kind of legdrops his chest and it looked fucking killer. Cena countering Rey's STF (Rey's reversal of Cena's initial STF into one of his own was totally awesome, btw) by basically standing up on one leg while Rey clings onto his back was fucking amazing. And the moment of the match might've been Cena FINALLY looking like he's going to hit the AA only for the leg to buckle underneath him. Such a cool bit of selling. Honestly, this strikes me as maybe one of the very best sub-15 minute matches in company history.

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