Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Your Reign on the Top Was Shorter Than Leprechauns, You Can't Fuck With Rey, What Type of X Ya On?

Rey Mysterio v Cody Rhodes (Wrestlemania XXVII, 4/3/11)

So I wasn't really paying attention to WWE around the time of this Wrestlemania (I've barely paid attention to any current wrestling since current was 2009), but I'm pretty sure I at least watched some of the show. I couldn't even remember this match happening, though. They're feuding because Cody is/was beautiful and then Rey broke his face (accidentally, of course) with a knee brace and now Cody's hideous and wears a mask/face guard thing. I don't know how that played out on TV, but it gives one guy a reason to dislike another guy, and for that guy to attack the other guy on TV (with face guard-assisted head/facebutting!), which in turn leads to a match. And well, I can get behind that as a backstory. I dug all the stuff built around Cody's mask (I'm calling it a mask from now on rather than having to type out face guard every time) and Rey's knee brace here. Cody throws headbutts by connecting with the top part of the mask on Rey's cheek, then he rips off Rey's gigantic knee brace and chucks it away. At some point Cody's mask either falls off or is taken off by Mysterio, so Rey puts it on himself and starts throwing headbutts of his own. Then for the finish (which ruled), Cody takes a spill to the floor and lands next to the knee brace he chucked away earlier, and as Rey is about to hit a tope Cody nails him with the brace. Rey sells the shit out of it as well, getting hit as he's halfway out the ring and going totally dead weight hanging over the middle rope. Rey really bumps huge off an Alabama Slam at one point as well, and there's a great superplex spot where Cody keeps Rey vertical for about 15 seconds while giving the crowd this super smug look. Nifty match. There's a falls count anywhere match from whatever the PPV the following month was, so I'll have to check that out soon.

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