Sunday, 24 March 2013

I'm Running Out of "Interesting" Titles for These Project Posts. This One is About Yoji Anjoh, btw

Yoji Anjoh v Masa Chono (New Japan, 12/10/95) - FUN

More of the same from these two, except this time Anjoh is the invader so his shitheadedness gets even more heat. And man does Yoji Anjoh just revel in an environment like this. His smile when he gets in the ring to a chorus of boos tells you he pretty clearly loves this shit. This time out Chono jumps Anjoh at the bell (role reversal from the first match), and Anjoh yet again takes a great bump off the Yakuza Kick. This is even shorter than the UWFi match, but it sort of feels like more of a straight up scrap and doesn't really have the 'douchebags trying to out-douchebag each other' feel. Although it's still a scrap between two guys that are willing to get dirty, which means you get awesome shit like Anjoh lifting Chono's leg off the ground so he's got room to punch him in the dick (which was as good as the knee to the plums in the first match). Chono of course gets him back by heel kicking him low, but then Anjoh tosses in another ball shot towards the end, and holy shit does Yoji Anjoh have a bunch of ways to hit you in the manhood. Did he ever wrestle Tajiri? Because I'd watch that just for the ball shots (and the fact it'd probably be awesome).

Yoji Anjoh v Norman Smiley (UWF, 8/13/88) - GOOD

This was rock solid, but it was pretty unspectacular and kind of lulled in points. Screamin' Norman looked fine, but he's not on Anjoh's level as a mat worker and there were points where Anjoh was clearly holding back. When they kicked into gear it got real good though, especially the spell where they were countering and counter-countering and the crowd totally ate that up. Anjoh was pretty restrained here as well. He was rarely the same kind of dickhead working shoot style as he was working inter-promotional matches against Tenryu or Chono, but in almost every Anjoh match you'll get a moment where he loses his temper or does something to earn someone's ire. This time the closest we got to that was a few body shots before breaking when the ref' tells him to (and the ref' even says "I said BREAK" in English! Maybe), and the rest of the time he managed to behave himself. Good match, but it needed more of the counter-countering and probably could've done with Anjoh being a cunt.

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