Thursday, 4 February 2016

Dandy v Fiera - Building to the Hair Match

El Dandy, Atlantis & Pierroth Jr. v La Fiera, Sangre Chicana & Gran Markus Jr. (CMLL, 11/20/92)

This had a ridiculous pre-match vignette with Pierroth in a Stetson on horseback. The horse then lies down for him and Pierroth stands on it like he's the horse whisperer. Yeah, I dunno. I skipped the video ahead a bit and I initially thought he'd killed it or something. Upon further inspection he did not, but I'm sure PETA would still be less than impressed. This is building to the Dandy/Fiera hair match. I actually don't think I'd previously seen anything from that feud, but if it's all like this then I should probably watch every second of it. Fiera was fucking unreal in this. The tecnicos don't even make it to the ring before the rudos swarm them, and pretty soon Dandy taps an artery. Fiera is in full on vampire mode, chewing Dandy's forehead and spitting his blood in the air, dragging him around ringside throwing him into posts and chairs. At one point Dandy staggers into the crowd bewildered and near death, so Fiera comes over and leaves him upside down on one of the seats. Fiera is relentless and utterly committed to making Dandy's life a misery, while Dandy can't mount any offence because the rudos won't leave him alone long enough to wipe the blood from his eyes. Chicana was relatively reserved in this, though he still came across as a psychopath. He'd been growing his hair out a bit and this was as long and stringy as I'd ever seen it. He looked like the girl from The Ring after crawling out the TV. Still the most charismatic motherfucker in history, though. A third caida with a big tecnico comeback might've pushed this into serious 'best trios matches of the 90s' territory, but what we did get was a hell of a rudo gang-beating and quite the set up to a hair match. Plus, if that finish doesn't make you want to see Dandy fucking kill someone then I'm not sure why you're watching the pro-wrestling.

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