Friday, 5 February 2016

Chicana v Perro (80s Lucha Set)

Sangre Chicana v Perro Aguayo (2/28/86)

Pretty much everything you want in a hair match. This was goddamn unbelievable and Sangre Chicana is the unquestioned ruler of the world. I don't think there's anybody in wrestling history that takes punches like him. Perro jumps him early on and Chicana's eventual punch drunk selling is absolutely incredible. Perro rips up the ring apron board and slams Chicana on top of it, then he wraps a towel around his fist and punches him some more. It was like something Jack Bauer would do to interrogate a prisoner without leaving bruises. Except Perro doesn't give a shit about concealing bruises and actively wants to leave them, so before long he ditches the towel and goes back to regular bare-fist punches. In addition to being the greatest eater of punches ever, Chicana is a complete master at timing a comeback. The whole match is full of moments that have been milked to the absolute maximum in order to get the biggest reaction possible, but Chicana waits until a couple minutes into the second caida before throwing his first punch of the match, and of course the whole fucking building shakes. Chicana's tope might also be the greatest tope ever hit. He hits the ropes at a million miles an hour (he was running so fast it looked like he might fall on his face) and just uncontrollably javelins himself out into Perro's chest. Perro's second dive wasn't far off it, though. One of my favourite things in lucha is multiple rows of people running for their lives because they know a dive is coming and the guy taking it will psychotically hurl himself four rows deep, and this is Sangre Chicana who is the biggest psycho of them all so just about every person on that side of the building has to make way. Then afterwards Perro climbs over all the seats Chicana ripped off the ground with his projectile of a body to get to Chicana again, whereupon they brawl in amongst broken chairs and scattered confectionery. Third caida might've gone on a couple minutes too long, but the heat never dies and the reaction of one Chicana fan (you'll know the one as soon as you see him) at the end is why you love the pro-wrestling. If there's also one thing this match makes you wish more than you already did it's that crowds in Mexico weren't so shoddily mic'd, because this is a fancam and the heat is 1985 Mid-South level from word one.

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