Friday, 5 February 2016

More Dandy/Fiera Build-Up

El Dandy, Pierroth Jr. & Ultimo Dragon v La Fiera, Negro Casas & El Supremo (CMLL, 10/30/92)

Man, if Fiera was washed up in 1992 then he was snorting some unreal chico during the Dandy feud, because he's fucking incredible in all of it. He projects a real aura of confident and deserving ringleader to every group of asshole scumbags he associates with, and that's really saying something when King of Asshole Scumbags Negro Casas is also in this match. Casas has such a palpable and undeniable charisma that it's sometimes difficult for him not to be the centre of attention - even when he doesn't appear to be trying - but Fiera is wreaking so much carnage from the front that you know those other guys are there to back HIM up. I really loved the first caida here because Fiera isn't just content to put a beating on Dandy; he wants to take his arm home with him in a sack. Long term limbwork isn't really a staple in lucha, so when it does happen it tends to stick out (especially when it's good, which this was). Everybody got chippier and chippier with each other as the match went on, to the point where you just had guys going fuck it and straight launching themselves at someone. Ultimo Dragon is one of my least favourite wrestlers of all time, but he was crazy good fun in this. His interactions with Supremo were regularly great, culminating with him unloading a flurry of super fast knees before putting Supremo right on top of his head with a snap fisherman-buster. There's one bit post-tecnico comeback where Casas and Fiera are trying to coax the other into getting in the ring, so Dandy comes running round the apron and fucking decks Fiera in the jaw. Because lucha is a cruel mistress who giveth as much as she taketh away, the Casas/Pierroth sections are tremendous and really make you want to see the singles match that probably never happened. Finish is unfortunately out of nowhere and really deflating, but Casas standing in the ring counting along with the referee while everyone else brawls on the floor was pretty great. Casas might just be the best wrestler who ever lived, you know.

El Dandy, Pierroth Jr. & Vampiro v La Fiera, Black Magic & El Supremo (CMLL, 11/6/92)

This started with Fiera whipping and choking Dandy with his chain before trying to hang him over the top rope with it, which was pretty fucking amazing, but it soon settled down a bit and never really got back up to the level of the first couple minutes. Fiera was great again, though. I'm not sure why he and Dandy have beef, but I guess maybe Dandy ran over Fiera's cat or something because Fiera hates him to DEATH. I've always considered Dandy's peak to be '89-'92, but he's clearly taken a back seat to Fiera in this feud. Maybe I'm just on a Norman Smiley high after the '94 Dandy/Llanes trios, but I thought he was really fun again in this. He's mostly all stooging and cowering, but it was good stooging and cowering and it made you want to see him get punched in the mouth, which is really the whole point. The one gripe I've had with this feud so far is that the rudos have been massive dickheads and sought to abuse the tecnicos at every turn, while the tecnicos haven't ever really been able to dish out some serious comeuppance at any point. Granted, a lot of that is down to Fiera having matches thrown out for kicking Dandy in the balls when his side seem to be losing control, but if the hair match doesn't have Dandy exacting some sweet revenge then I'm probably gonna be left wanting (I guess in that sense the trios have made me want to buy the hypothetical ticket. So, you know, they're definitely doing something right).

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