Monday, 1 February 2016

Your Monday Evening Jerry Estrada

Jerry Estrada, La Parka & Satanico v Mascara Sagrada, Octagon & Lizmark (AAA, 6/4/93)

More of a great rudo showcase than a great match, but it was a hell of a showcase. La Parka was channeling Fuerza at points of this with his shitweasel act. Estrada being drunk as a skunk might just be an apuestas thing, because he usually seems lucid in trios and title matches. He was running the ropes here like he could actually put one foot in front of the other without tripping over himself (unlike the Stuka hair match). Satanico was surly as fuck from start to finish here. He has a bit of a 'fish out of water' feel about him working for Pena, but while he's past the point of being able to do graceful armdrag sequences or pretty workrate matwork (though I suppose that was never really his calling anyway), he'll still put the fear of god into a young tecnico. Second caida is a pretty great rudo beatdown, with Estrada making a point of yanking every tecnico into the ring post balls-first (he does it to Sagrada while La Parka stands on Sagrada's head at the same time). He also takes a headcase bump in the crowd that nearly wipes out three rows of married couples. Looked like a flyaway windshield after a car bomb went off. Satanico was probably the standout, though. The rudos tie Octagon to the top rope with the tassel on his mask, then later Satanico tries to strangle him with that same tassel, dragging him around ringside like a carcass before tying him back to the rope. The ref' then tries to pull him back so Satanico uses Octagon's flimsy belt to tie the ref' to the rope as well! Satanico was pretty much the last person you'd want to fuck with in this match. Finish also ruled, with Satanico ripping Octagon's mask clean off while Octagon was mid-springboard.

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