Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Dandy v Fiera - Last Stop Before the Hair Match

El Dandy, Atlantis & Pierroth Jr. v La Fiera, Emilio Charles Jr. & El Satanico (CMLL, 11/13/92)

This is the feud that keeps on giving, and this is the match that finally gave me that one big tecnico revenge rampage. The rudos jump Dandy while he's doing a pre-match interview backstage, and you might be forgiven for thinking this is going to be a similar story as before, where the rudos just go on a tear and the tecnicos can't quite compete with that sort of chaos. The first caida is all rudos, but this time the tecnicos DO make the big comeback in the segunda. And what a comeback. Dandy has had to put up with so much shit during this feud. He's been strung up across the ropes with a chain, hurled into rows of seats, left bleeding all over the place, and punted repeatedly in the balls. In a lot of ways he's taken a back seat to Fiera and basically let himself be abused. Not tonight, though. This was the moment where he decided he'd had enough. When Fiera grabs the chain Dandy goes total fucking apeshit and tries to murder him, whipping him with it, wrapping it around Fiera's neck and hanging him over the ropes while referees try to claw him away. It wasn't just Dandy that dished out some payback; Atlantis and Pierroth had fire in their bellies and were also clearly fed up being whipping boys. Emilio being included on the rudo side probably bumped this up a couple levels as well. That guy is a masterful trios worker and his stuff with Atlantis never fails to rule. There was one exchange where he got completely and utterly schooled and could only resort to faking that he'd be fouled in order to save some face. I'm still trying to keep my expectations for the hair match low, but the build up has been consistently excellent.

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