Tuesday, 9 March 2010

2010 MOTY List (Ongoing)

Besides the fact "ongoing" is more or less me sugarcoating "I'll probably drop the ball with this in about a week and a half", doing something like this is pretty much the only way I'm gonna feel at all motivated to keep up (kinda) with 2010 wrestling. I've gradually stopped following "current" wrestling since "current" was 2007, but I figure I might as well use this blog nonsense for something.

List is kinda bare at the moment, but I'm working my way through the IWRG stuff that's up on youtube and I'm planning to catch up with some puro that's been getting pimped, so hopefully I'll have a top 20 relatively soon.

Don't expect this to be updated any more than, like, three times a month, by the way.


1. Angelico, Solar I & Ultraman Jr. v Negro Navarro, Trauma I & Trauma II (IWRG, 1/7)
2. Rey Mysterio v CM Punk (WWE, 2/12)
3. Bryan Danielson v Kaval (FCW, 2/7)
4. Christian v Ezekiel Jackson (WWE, 1/31)
5. Christian & Kane v Ezekiel Jackson & William Regal (WWE, 1/26)
6. The Undertaker v Rey Mysterio (WWE, 1/31)


1. Angelico, Solar I & Ultraman Jr. v Negro Navarro, Trauma I & Trauma II (IWRG, 1/7)

I thought this was really, really good.

Match is mostly focused on the Navarro/Solar pairing, and if you're not familiar with either of those guys... well, just know that that's a very good thing. Their armdrag exchange in the first caida is real slick and fast, and it builds from there as the match moves from caida to caida, almost like a big game of one-upmanship spanning across three falls; the groundwork being set in the first with neither really managing to establish a clear advantage, the tension building in the second with Navarro sneaking in the back door and winning the fall at Solar's expense, and culminating with an extended exchange in the third. It was awesome.

It's not ALL about Navarro and Solar, though -- the other four guys bring it, too. I hadn't seen Angelico before, but he's practically the double of a young Robbie Savage, thus I found myself expecting him to drop this Lucha carry on in favour of trying to mow some guy's legs down at a million miles an hour. No such luck on that front in the first two caidas, but he does hit an awesome dive in the third that lands him ass-deep in row number five. His exchange with Trauma I in the opening caida was real pretty and stuff. Almost Steve Wright-esque. Ultraman Jr. and Trauma II are relatively quiet, but their exchange in the first is nice - albeit short - and it's not like they're anything less than good throughout, anyway. It's just that there's Negro Navarro and Solar I and... yeah.

Top o' the pile so far. Very much looking forward to working through the rest of the IWRG stuff from January.

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