Wednesday, 17 March 2010

2010 MOTY List (Updated)

  1. Black Terry, Negro Navarro & Dr. Cerebro v Solar I, Zatura & Suicida (IWRG, 1/28)
  2. Angelico, Solar I & Ultraman Jr. v Negro Navarro, Trauma I & Trauma II (IWRG, 1/7)
  3. Rey Mysterio v CM Punk (WWE, 2/12)
  4. Trauma I & Trauma II v Suicida & Zatura (IWRG, 1/14)
  5. Black Terry & Dr. Cerebro v Gringo Loco & El Hijo Del Diablo (IWRG, 1/24)
  6. Bryan Danielson v Kaval (FCW, 2/7)
  7. Christian v Ezekiel Jackson (WWE, 1/31)
  8. Black Terry, Dr. Cerebro & Cerebro Negro v Pantera, Suicida & Zatura (IWRG, 1/7)
  9. Christian & Kane v Ezekiel Jackson & William Regal (WWE, 1/26)
  10. Negro Navarro v Angelico (IWRG, 1/21)
  11. The Undertaker v Rey Mysterio (WWE, 1/31)


1. Black Terry, Negro Navarro & Dr. Cerebro v Solar I, Zatura & Suicida (IWRG, 1/28)

This is pretty excellent. For one fall it's really excellent, and while the second and third falls are a step down, mainly because they're so short (first goes about 15 minutes; second and third go about 4), there's enough good stuff in both for this to steal my number one spot.

Primera caida opens with a teased Solar/Terry exchange, but Solar wants Navarro instead. I don't know how many years these guys have been locking horns for at this point, but it's almost an eternal struggle between them that neither has been able to "win" yet and I dig it a whole lot. The Navarro/Solar exchanges in the 1/7 trio were great, but I think I liked them even more here. They pair off for an extended match-up in the first and it's pretty breathtaking. The 1/7 match had them building on each exchange from caida to caida, but here they have one big exchange that builds and builds over the course of the fall, starting with them trading armdrags before working a long mat sequence that then escalates into bigger and nastier holds. Of course, it ends in a stalemate, but that's to be expected. Not sure what my favourite part of the exchange was (too many to note, anyway), but Navarro going to stand up after tying Solar in a knot only for Solar to grab his leg and instantly drag him back down to the mat was cool. Almost like he's saying "You haven't won yet, motherfucker!" There's no hold--break--hold vibe to this; it's a struggle and neither is letting the other get the better.

And then Black Terry and Zatura pair off and fuck me sideways but I thought it was even BETTER! I'd probably have Terry as my worker of the year so far, just ahead of Navarro, and the exchange here was sublime. The Navarro/Solar pairing always seems like a massive game of one-upmanship (although "game" doesn't really highlight the intensity of it all), but this was just two guys ripping it up on the board trying to take the other guy's leg home with them. Again, this isn't hold--break--hold matwork; it captures a real sense of struggle and it's REAL fuckin' good. The Suicida/Cerebro exchange is short, but it's really fast and has Suicida flying all over the place leading to him hitting a sweet tope. Solar's key lock that ends the caida is beautiful.

Already mentioned the second and third caidas being too short to be anything truly great, but they both have their moments and they're still very good in their own right. The second has more Solar/Navarro and Terry/Zatura exchanges (there's one moment where Solar takes Navarro down with a single leg that I thought looked tremendous; just the way he charges like a bull and forces this badass to the canvas), and ends with Cerebro going to town on Suicida. Third has a great little niggling moment where Zatura has Cerebro tied up in a hold and Navarro comes in to take a shot at him, and that brings in Solar who gets all "Don't even think about it, motherfucker," so Navarro leaves them be and Terry decides he'll get him some instead and dropkicks Zatura right in the fuggin' face. Solar's reaction is great. He just kinda throws his hands up like "Ah, fuck it. At least it wasn't that Navarro bastard." Also features more 'Cerebro hates Suicida because Suicida took Cerebro's hair in November' stuff and that rocks, too. Suicida's definitely climbing my list of favourite current wrestlers, mostly for the fact the dude ain't afraid to eat a HELLUVA shitkicking. Trauma II punched him six ways from Sunday in the 1/14 tag and Cerebro is just rifling off fists here and Segura's taking every one of them like he's Yuki Ishikawa or something. I'd feel sorry for the guy if it didn't look so friggin' great.

This was BOSS.

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