Saturday, 20 March 2010


Arn Anderson & Larry Zbyszko v Bobby Eaton & Big Josh (WCW Worldwide, 8/17/91)

Eaton and Josh are about as random a pairing as I've seen from around this time, but Eaton's a king and Borne's a guy I like quite a bit so I'm not complaining. I mean, if I'm gonna complain about anything it's that Eaton's involved for literally about 30 seconds of a 7 minute match, but I'm in a decent mood so I won't bother. I'm also hungover to shit so I can't really muster up the strength to whine, anyway.

Arn and Zbyszko are a fuggin' great team, btw. You watch them and you really get the sense they're actually trying to cut the ring in half and make it as difficult as possible for the opponent to make the tag. If he wants to tag out, he doesn't just have to weather an ass-stomping, but he's gonna have to crawl that little bit further to get to his corner. The way one of them will make the tag and then clutch onto the opponent until the partner gets in is a small detail, but I mark for little things like that and Arn and Zbyszko are great at bringing neat little touches to everything.

Arn's typically Arn-like here, bringing the hurtin' and whatnot. He doesn't do much in the way of classic Anderson stooging, but Zbyszko makes up for that by getting punched around, running face first into turnbuckles, "OOOH"ing like his name's Larry Zbyszko, etc. He also throws a few awesome punches in this, with one looking particularly sweet. Josh isn't Ricky Steamboat or anything, but he plays a perfectly decent FIP, too. Eaton comes in as the house o' fire and throws some punches, but then we get a Freebirds run-in and a big brawl for a DQ finish before he can do anything noteworthy.

Not a match that's likely to blow anybody away, but I've got no problem watching a bunch of random Enforcers tags from this period. There's a few floating around on dailymotion, youtube et al so I'll have to check them out. Too bad I can't find the Enforcers v Murdoch/Slater tag from the 9/8/91 episode of Main Event because I can't imagine that not making me wet.


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