Monday, 8 March 2010

Bob Backlund v Superstar Billy Graham (MSG, 2/20/78) (8mm silent film clips)

Obviously not the full match here, but it's the Backlund title win so I'm guessing it's on the set for HISTORICAL PURPOSES. Most of what we see is Bob finding interesting ways to out-power the powerhouse, and some of the feats of strength on Backlund's part are nuts, like dead lifting him clean off the mat and ragdolling him in a bearhug like he was 75 pounds. I guess Backlund's always gonna be remembered by a lot of people for being this batshit crazy, borderline retarded, old dude that hung around with Kurt Angle for a minute back in the day, or some skin headed loon that got flattened by Kevin Nash on a house show before trying to become President, since I can only assume the one thing more important than the WWF title is to become President of the United States, but the guy really was a fuckin' machine. So, so strong.

Anyways, Backlund wins the strap and breaks down in tears after a few minutes of jumping around like a kid that's just been told they're going to motherfuckin' Disney Land or something.

The BOB era begins... hail, hail.

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