Thursday, 12 June 2014

More Shield (kinda)

The Shield & John Cena v The Wyatt Family (RAW, 6/9/14)

Jesus Christ is Dean Ambrose fucking great at the pro-wrestling right now or what? This wasn't up there with the real high end Shield/Wyatts stuff (well, I guess it's not REALLY Shield/Wyatts anyway), but at this point you can stick any sort of combination of these guys in the ring together and I'll be all over it. But fuck all that because Dean Ambrose. His initial burst of offence was awesome, darting around the ring hitting everything with a beard, doing a running flip senton on Rowan in the corner, facepalming Harper off the apron then wiping him out with a plancha; basically just picking fights with anybody not in his team. Then his FIP spell is even better. He has to be the best "little things" wrestler in the world right now. I mean, you'd think it'd be hard to keep coming up with interesting ways to get out of a head vice or a neck crank, but not for Ambrose. This time he bends Rowan's fingers to release the pressure initially, then grabs hold of the beard and starts headbutting him in the FACE. He has this hyperactive, coke-fuelled terminator vibe where you think someone is actually gonna have to kill him to keep him down. Even when he gets back up on his side of the apron after tagging out he looks like he's been hung, drawn and quartered. He also takes Harper's big boot squarely in the chin, every single time without fail. I'm digging how AWA-ish a lot of these tags are with the double heat segments. I've noticed it a bunch now, but I'm not sure when it actually started. Have they been doing it for a while? Cena as FIP is pretty much a can't fail prospect at worst, and he never topped Ambrose, but he gave it a shot all the same. Reigns is such a great hot tag at this point. He's kind of like a less manic Ambrose the way he sprints around and takes on everything in sight, except where Ambrose's offence looks frantic and scrappy, Reigns' looks like an Expendable's wet dream. He comes in and hits his awesome leaping clothesline, the superman punch (which Bray sells like he got clipped by a speeding truck's wing mirror), and his floor-to-apron dropkick on both sides of the ring. And for a move that I was thoroughly tired of seeing in WWE, the guy has a fuuuucking killer spear. It might not be the same without Rollins, but I'd be all for seeing two thirds of The Shield continuing to do their thing, because it's just about the most fun thing in wrestling right now.

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