Monday, 16 June 2014

Virus is Raising Hell, Livin' Down in Texas. Probably Aught to be in Jail from the Stories that He Tells Us

Virus v Titan (CMLL, 1/28/14) - EPIC

Virus title matches are one of my favourite things in current wrestling. We've gotten at least one every year for the last four years, all of them have been him up against a young tecnico, and all have been excellent. Titan isn't amazing on the mat, but he can handle himself well enough and Virus is pretty much a master of taking someone that can handle themselves well enough and hand walking them through a matwork caida. Virus works the leg for a bit in the segunda, and it's all good stuff. At one point he just tackles Titan at the knees and it looked like something Ndamukong Suh would do to a mail man. Titan opts against selling it and makes his comeback fresh as a daisy, which was kinda annoying, but I guess this is still Titan and you can't get everything you'd like. As good as Virus is at leading young guys through matwork caidas, he might be even better at laying out and building a third caida in a title match. I mean, you won't confuse a 2014 CMLL title match with a 1990 CMLL title match, but Virus title matches tend to have touches of what made those 1990 matches so great, while tailoring them to fit into the modern day formula. You're guaranteed to get at least one insane spot and/or bump in a Virus title match, too. This time Virus dropkicks Titan off the ropes and Titan takes a nasty spill on the apron, then Virus fucking crushes him dead with a somersault plancha to the floor (with an awesome camera angle to make it look even better). Virus just had his second big title match of 2014 with Fuego yesterday. If it's anything less than good I'll be stunned.

Complete & Accurate Virus

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