Saturday, 14 June 2014

Some 2014 CMLL (Panther & Sons)

Blue Panther, Black Panther & Cachorro v Felino, Puma & Tiger (CMLL, 3/24/14)

Heck of a trios sprint. Everybody looked really good here, but I was especially impressed with Panther's kids. Well, maybe I was especially impressed with Felino, since the last time I saw him all he did was wipe his armpit sweat in guys' faces, so I never knew he still had this in him even if I knew he did at one point (which I assumed had long passed us by). Cachorro and Black Panther were pulling out a bunch of nifty looking shit, though. Actually, everybody got to stretch out on the mat here, and the first caida was one of the better matwork caidas I've seen this year. Everything was turned up a notch and done at a much quicker pace than normal, and the Blue Panther/Tiger exchange was awesome. Felino and the Casas kids start getting chippy as the match goes on, and at one point they all threaten to walk out because the Panthers won't give them a handshake. Great bit where Tiger has Puma on his shoulders and Puma leans all the way back, only being held up there by Tiger keeping hold of his shins, then Tiger swings him forward and Puma splats down with a splash on Cachorro. Felino making a last ditch attempt to block Cachorro's tope was a great little touch, but the tope sending Puma twelve miles up the aisle was even better (camera man is standing in the aisle way and has to back pedal so as not to be wiped out by him, and we actually see this from his camera, which looked cool as shit). This might be the best CMLL trios from this year that I've watched so far.

Cachorro v Barbaro Cavernario (CMLL, 4/18/14)

I said you'd struggle to find a better sub-ten minute match this year than Hechicero/Cavernario, but I think this went and topped it. The Hechicero match had the bigger moments and nuttier big bump (barely), but this got a couple extra minutes to develop things a bit more. Cavernario was really great here -- he basically wrestles like how I'd imagine Captain Caveman would (he has a caveman gimmick), all loud and full steam ahead. I love his take on simple things like kneedrops, where he gets a ton of height and then comes crashing down with both knees across your chest. Great spot where he's on the apron and Cachorro is round the corner on the floor, so Cavernario hits a tope past the  inside of the ring post. There's an amazing sequence that starts with Cavernario taking a Buddy Rose bump through the ropes and Cachorro following up by crushing him with a fucking scud missile tope. He then tries another one, but Cavernario sidesteps it and Cachorro flies head first into the barricade. Cavernario then hits his splash from the top rope to the floor, and this thing is just ridiculous looking. Cachorro must've been shitting ribs for a week. Cachorro hanging in there long enough to pick his moment and catch Cavernario with a flash Fujiwara armbar is a finish his old man would've been proud of. This ruled.

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