Monday, 2 June 2014

Shadows are Falling, Virus is out of Sight

Virus, Okumura & Bobby Zavala v Stuka Jr., Fuego & Guerrero Maya Jr. (CMLL, 1/3/14) - GOOD

This starts out with Virus and Fuego and I love Virus grabbing Fuego's arm and flinging him all around the ring while not letting go once. That then turns into a mini-FIP spell where all three rudos isolate Fuego and work the arm. Fuego is someone that I'll really enjoy one week and then the next week I'll barely notice his involvement, and maybe it's because I watched this half asleep, but I don't really remember a single thing he did in this match other than have his elbow yanked at by the rudos. I dug Okamura again here. His matwork is super solid and looks pretty rough, especially when he gets to match up with someone that's willing to shove their forearm in his nose in return, but his stooging was the most fun in this. He avoids a Maya Jr. dive by literally running all the way up the ramp, then celebrates like it was a victory. Finish to the primera was the best, as Maya Jr. goes for a springboard of some sort and Virus just dickishly kicks the middle rope causing him to fall on his neck. 

Virus, Terrible & Vangelis v La Mascara, Rush & Titan (CMLL, 1/21/14) - GREAT

Virus and Rush are two of my three favourite wrestlers in the world right now, so there was almost no way I wouldn't enjoy this. I mean, I'm probably overrating it, but it had a bunch of awesome Virus and Rush moments, so fuck it. I liked this a bunch. To start out we get a bit of Virus v Mascara matwork, and it was nifty and I was digging it, but then Virus wanders too close to the tecnico corner and Titan grabs his hair, presumably just to fuck with him. So Virus fucks back by punching him square in the dish. Rest of the match is mostly about Virus/Titan and serves as a pretty great set up to the title match a week later (which I'm stoked about). Initially Virus takes cheapshot after cheapshot and constantly interferes (at one point he casually strolls in and Sheamus punts Titan in the spine) until Titan has had enough, then Virus changes his tune and chills on the apron instead. The parts where they match up are good, but Titan will do a bunch of daft flippy shit for no real reason and there were a couple points where Virus should've just kicked him in the chin. Virus/Rush exchanges, brief as they may have been, fucking ruled. Rush rips on him for being tiny so Virus chops him, and Rush responds by tearing off Virus' shirt and caving his chest in. Rush's roid-rage bursts of violence where he attacks everything in sight are always amazing. He and Terrible do their usual dance and smack each other really hard, often in the face. Vangelis has grown on me huge recently. He's kind of similar to Rush and Terrible in the sense he's a big muscled up dude that'll full force boot you in the grill. Mascara did some things but was pretty much background noise.

Complete & Accurate Virus

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