Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Shield v Wyatts: The Rematch

The Shield v The Wyatt Family (RAW, 3/3/14)

Fuck my face, this was amazing as well. I really didn't think there was much between this and the first match. This one is certainly more chaotic on the whole, especially from the very start with Rollins doing the double flip dives cleaning house. You get the double FIP spells here as well, but this felt like it was always even closer to completely breaking down than the Chamber match, and that was one wrong sideways glance away from being a prison riot in its own right. Ambrose was fucking indescribable here and strikes me as being right on the level with guys like Virus, Hechicero and the likes this year. He's belligerent to the end, wildly flinging himself at people, throwing crazy palms and fists and elbows at all angles, constantly spewing vitriol at the Wyatts even when he's being worked over, etc. There's one bit where Rowan has him in that knuckles-to-temples head vice over in the Wyatts corner, and Ambrose is shit talking Bray while yanking at Rowan's beard to get out of the hold. He has the best Thesz Press ever, the way he just dives at you like a rabid animal. Harper was phenomenal as well. Ambrose has Bray in a figure-four and bridges up to increase the pressure (which was awesome), so Harper comes in and double stomps Ambrose in the guts. He also throws two of the best big boots I've ever seen him throw. The second one looked like it completely detached Ambrose's mandible (and Ambrose takes it face on at full force like a true psycho). Thought the story of the Wyatts trying to keep Reigns out of the way was really cool as well. They isolated him in the Chamber match and he still almost managed to win on his own, so this time they decide to keep him out of the equation all together. Rollins bailing was a bit hokey, but he at least had a point, and it did lead to Reigns going full Spartacus on the House of Wyatt. Stretch run was incredible with guys just flying and dying everywhere. Reigns spearing Rowan over the announce desk was insane, then Harper hits his redneck tope and Reigns fucking zips across the desk like someone decking it on an ice rink at 70mph. I can't tell you how gutted I am about The Shield split after watching these Wyatt matches. Crazy multi-man tags like this are practically my favourite thing in wrestling, and this already feels like the perfect match-up for that setting.

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