Sunday, 1 August 2010

1992 WCW, Obviously

Steve Austin v Brian Pillman (Worldwide, 7/4/92)

More great Austin, and I don't think this is THAT far behind the match Pillman had with Rude that I talked about a couple days ago. Watching all of this '92 WCW it seems like at some point around May Austin woke up one morning and figured he was gonna be as great as Rude or Steamboat or Arn and sort of went on a tear, because I have been really loving everything I've watched that he's involved in recently. Still think he was the weakest guy in the Dangerous Alliance in the first part of the year, but at this point I honestly don't think there's much daylight between him and Rude or Arn. I especially love how cheating spots in Austin matches always seem like he's legit trying to cheat, not content to put a foot on the ropes for "leverage", but practically climbing all the way up until this feet are across the top rope, really grabbing hold of the tights, etc. This seems like a nasty little 10 minute fight. Pillman's chops were always real stiff, especially his overhand ones, but I don't think he actually throws any in this, instead trying to take Steve's head off with some spin kicks. The thing I like about babyface Pillman is that, amongst the high flying and firing up to the crowd, he could be a pissed off little motherfucker. He takes Austin down with a headlock a few times here and Heyman's screaming about hair pulls and whatnot, and Pillman's all "No way, no way. BULLSHIT!" Finish is similar to the Rude match as well, and I'm totally cool with that.

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