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Some Brimstone Baritone Anticyclone Rolling Stone Preacher From 1992 WCW

Bobby Eaton v Dustin Rhodes (Pro, 2/1/92)

There's two punch-to-the-fucking-face revenge spots at the beginning of this and I was all geared up for it being the best match ever or something. It was definitely good, but it seemed a little choppy in points. I definitely preferred their 5/8 and 5/9 matches and even then I wouldn't say those are matches anybody really has to go out of their way to see (though they wouldn't be wasting their time if they decided to watch them). Bobby does nuke Dustin in the throat with a steel chair here and it looked mighty brutal. Dustin was never afraid to take monster bumps on the floor, either.

Larry Zbyszko & Bobby Eaton v Brian Pillman & Mike Graham (Pro, 2/8/92)

Pillman & Graham continue to be an infinitely more enjoyable team than Pillman & Zenk and Larry is bitching and whining and telling people to shut up so I straight up dug the shit out of this. Bobby Eaton is Bobby Eaton so he ain't half bad as the final piece to the puzzle. Pillman's pretty much unstoppable here and aside from eating one nutso backbreaker from Bobby, he's the house o' fire from beginning to end, busting out all of his offence and driving Zbyszko up the wall, which is perfect if you're a Larry fan. "Shut up, JERK! You JERK! You too, ya JERK!" I love how Mike Graham seems to work a criss-cross spot into all of these matches. He plays FIP here, and he's solid as can be in that role, but I wish they'd book him to actually make the hot tag once in a while. Finish here is the same as the last match I spoke about with Graham playing FIP, and while it means you're left wanting, everything else is a blast. Pillman has awesome overhand chops btw, almost Hashimoto-like.

Arn Anderson, Larry Zbyszko, Bobby Eaton & Cactus Jack v Sting, Marcus Bagwell & The Steiner Brothers (Pro, 2/22/92)

All of the multi-man tags from around this period were so great. This isn't as good as the Saturday Night 8-man that aired on the same day, but it still has plenty of great stooging early and Anderson is yet again totally spectacular in the opening spell. I'm forgetting a lot of specifics unfortunately, but he's always an amazing stooge and he was no different here. I liked Cactus' role in this; he's Dangerously's hired mercenary and he's let loose once the rest of his teammates get bitched out. He pulls the top rope down as Scotty's hitting them at one point and his bump over the top is fucking ridiculous. He only plays FIP for, like, 30 seconds before Bagwell gets in and they head to the finish, so on that front it's disappointing, because if this went as long as the Saturday Night match, I think we could've had another classic. Still, for what we got, this was really good.

Arn Anderson, Rick Rude, Bobby Eaton & Larry Zbyszko v Brian Pillman, Ron Simmons, Big Josh & Z-Man (Worldwide, 2/29/92)

This was shaping up to be great until they hit us with a deplorable finish. That suckiness aside, the early stooging from the heels is amazing yet again. Really, these matches are made for guys like Arn and Zbyszko and holy fuck do they just flat out rule it every time out. I love that Arn seems to have different taunts for every guy on an opposing team. The spot where Arn gets the tag and walks over to the opponent's corner to goad one of them in is always a spot I look forward to in these tags, because I get giddy with anticipation at how he'll mock some schmuck on the apron. This time it's Zenk and he casually walks over and blows him a kiss and basically calls him a homo and... fuck man, the guy is just pure win. Zbyszko hates Pillman and all of his flashy bullshit and calls him a punk about 12 times. There's a Rude/Simmons test of strength spot that you watch and realise how friggin' great Rude really was. Again, deplorable finish is a deplorable finish, and what's even worse is that everything before it was so good that it really, really deserves a better cherry on top, so to speak. I'll probably watch the last two matches again so I can ramble endlessly about the heels and their glorious antics for a Double A of the Day some time down the line.

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