Monday, 9 August 2010

Closets Are For Hangers, Winners Use 1992 WCW

Arn Anderson & Bobby Eaton v The Steiner Brothers (Saturday Night, 9/5/92)

My memory of this is that it was one of the best "traditional" tags the Steiners had ever been in. By that I basically meant one of the best Steiners tags that used straight southern formula. I guess I'd still say it is, but I think I prefer their Saturday Night match with Eaton and Larry earlier in the year by juuuust a little. Problem with this is that we're in Wattsville and that means we get much less stooging and the Steiners making people their bitch in the opening stages in favour of more "real wrestling/matwork". The Eaton/Larry match had the early stooging and bitching. That was awesome. This... not so much. Rick just looks lost, and none of the other three seem to be particularly inspired by the thought of a Watts-like opening, either. It's still a babyface control segment, but at points it suffers from the same time killing vibe as a few of the tags after Watts' arrival. Once Scott takes a header into the post and Michael Hayes (who's managing Arn and Eaton now) wraps his arm around it a few times, things pick up nicely. The last two Arn and Eaton tags I watched had them going to town on the arm and it's the same deal here. Scott's a perfectly good face in peril again, too. Finish rocks on top of it all. This is still a really good match, but some of what they're doing pre-Scott in peril sort of meanders. Take the opening stretch of the Eaton/Larry match and stick it onto the beginning of this instead and THEN you've got yourself one of the best Steiners tags, "traditional" or otherwise.

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