Tuesday, 31 August 2010


Was gonna talk about this yesterday but never got around to it, so I'll go with a double dose today since this is nice and short anyway.

Arn Anderson v Brad Armstrong (WCW Main Event, 4/12/92)

Super cool little match that I didn't remember being as good.

Basic gist of it is as follows: Arn wants to take Brad's arm home with him; Brad wants to take Arn's leg home with him; they go about making that dream a reality for a little under ten minutes. Arn wraps Brad's arm around the ring post early and goes to work on it, then a little later Brad wraps Arn's leg around the ring post and goes to work on that, and both guys' focus largely remains on the body part for the whole match -- they'll go back to it to bail them out of trouble and they'll work it when they're on top. Actually felt like the Ohtani/Samurai match from 1/96 albeit on a much, much smaller scale. And as much fun as this is, it's certainly not as good.

Couple really cool spots, and Brad busting out a figure-four felt like a pretty big moment. He had been building to it by using a spinning toe hold, and when he finally locks it in people are buying that he might actually pull out the win. Of course Dangerously's there on the floor to shut that down. Finish is also real nifty.

I don't know why I hadn't remembered much of anything about this. I'd call myself a bit of a Brad Armstrong mark, and I'm pretty clearly a huge Double A mark, but I went into this knowing I had seen it before (it's on Will's Dangerous Alliance comp and I've seen most of that twice now. Because it fucking rocks) yet figuring it'd be a forgettable semi-squash. It really wasn't, and if anything it's one of the better examples of one of the Dangerous Alliance guys giving a lower card guy a ton of offence, gutting it out and having it go right down to the wire.

1992 WCW really is the fuckin' bidness.

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