Saturday, 7 August 2010


Arn Anderson & Barry Windham v Doom (WCW Starrcade 90, 12/16/90)

This is street fight rules and all four come in wearing street clothes. Arn and Reed are two of my five favourite wrestlers of all time, Windham isn't far behind them, and Simmons is a guy I always mark for even if I don't exactly know why. They punch each other in the face and WHIP ASS for about 8 minutes. All of that equals one of my favourite sub-10 minute matches ever.

Everybody rocks it pretty fierce here, but I think my MVP is Reed. Or Windham. Those two pair off for a spell and it's all sorts of manly. Reed takes his belt at one point and waffles Barry in the head with the buckle, then two seconds later he's stabbing his cut forehead with it. Actually, Reed's constantly cussing people out and shit so he's definitely the MVP. Him yelling "GIMME THAT SON OF A BITCH!" because he wants a chair to hit someone with is number 1, man.

Arn gigs himself pretty heftily in this. I mean, everybody's bleeding after about 3 minutes, but he's definitely got the plasma flowing more than the rest. There's a great spot where he takes Simmons' own belt and leathers him across the face with it. Simmons isn't a guy I think of as a great punch/kick brawler, but he totally brings it here. This being as short and reckless as it is would make up for one guy's brawling deficiencies, but still.

I'm assuming there were a few more awesome brawls during this Horsemen/Doom feud going on around the house show circuit... me want.

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