Wednesday, 18 August 2010

2010 MOTY List (Updated)

  1. Black Terry, Negro Navarro & Dr. Cerebro v Solar I, Zatura & Suicida (IWRG, 1/28)
  2. Dr. Cerebro v El Hijo Del Diablo (IWRG, 1/31)
  3. Angelico, Solar I & Ultraman Jr. v Negro Navarro, Trauma I & Trauma II (IWRG, 1/7)
  4. Rey Mysterio v CM Punk (WWE, 2/12)
  5. Trauma I & Trauma II v Suicida & Zatura (IWRG, 1/14)
  6. Christian v Drew McIntyre (WWE, 7/30)
  7. The Young Bucks v El Generico & Chuck Taylor (PWG, 2/27)
  8. Rey Mysterio v CM Punk (WWE, 3/28)
  9. Black Terry, Dr. Cerebro & El Hijo Del Signo v Pantera, El Hijo Del Pantera & Zatura (IWRG, 2/11)
  10. Black Terry & Dr. Cerebro v Gringo Loco & El Hijo Del Diablo (IWRG, 2/7)
  11. Black Terry & Dr. Cerebro v Gringo Loco & El Hijo Del Diablo (IWRG, 1/24)
  12. Bryan Danielson v Kaval (FCW, 2/7)
  13. Black Terry, Dr. Cerebro & Trauma I v Pantera, El Hijo Del Pantera & Zatura (IWRG, 2/18)
  14. John Cena & Evan Bourne v Edge & Sheamus (WWE, 5/31)
  15. Christian v Ezekiel Jackson (WWE, 1/31)
  16. Rey Mysterio v CM Punk (WWE, 4/25)
  17. Black Terry, Dr. Cerebro & Cerebro Negro v Pantera, Suicida & Zatura (IWRG, 1/7)
  18. Rey Mysterio v Tyson Kidd (WWE, 3/25)
  19. Christian & Kane v Ezekiel Jackson & William Regal (WWE, 1/26)
  20. Negro Navarro v Angelico (IWRG, 1/21)
  21. The Undertaker v Rey Mysterio (WWE, 1/31)

7. The Young Bucks v El Generico & Chuck Taylor (PWG As The Worm Turns, 2/27)

This was recommended to me by someone that generally has very similar tastes to my own and knows full well that I pretty much hate current indy wrestling. But I said I was gonna try and watch some indy stuff for this thing, and I like Generico, and the Bucks as a pair of scummy little shitheads is something that interests me, so all of that equated to me actually being somewhat psyched to see an indy match. From 2010. The impression I got from the recommendation is that it would be less of an indy-fied workrate tag and more like a southern style tag. The indy finishing stretch would obviously remain, but that kind of thing in tag matches annoys me less than in singles matches provided it doesn't turn into a clusterfuck with anybody pinning anybody for 2.9999 counts. So yeah, I was somewhat psyched to see an indy match. From 2010. I honestly can't say I was disappointed. Finishing stretch went on a little longer than I'd have liked and it was bordering on Marufuji levels of cutesy at a couple points, but I come to expect some stuff to seem really choreographed nowadays anyway, and for the most part it was all real nifty and it was hit pretty much perfectly. And the Marufuji comparison is probably unfair as well since I get the impression that the vast majority of stuff they were pulling out is part of their actual movesets as opposed to Marufuji's improvised street dance bullshit. I think I need to see more Young Bucks heel stuff because I'm not sure if I think they're legit good heels or if they're insisting upon themselves and trying too hard. Actually, fuck it, that's crap and me being a grumpy prick, because the heat they were getting was awesome and one guy in the front row wanted to MURDER them both, so yeah, big props to them because actual heat in the indies today seems to be rare. And the blond one... Nick, I think... he seemed particularly weasly and irritating so I guess I was getting worked as well. I imagine I'd get easily burned out if I tried to watch a bunch of 2010 indy stuff in one sitting, but something like this every few days would go down no problem. Definitely glad I gave this a look.

18. Rey Mysterio v Tyson Kidd (WWE, 3/25)

I'm guessing I liked this less than most, but I still thought it was really good and a pretty awesome showcase for Kidd. Well, "showcase" to me at least, since I'm fairly sure this is the first Kidd match I've seen that gets any decent time. Really choice finishing run here, and it came after an equally solid heat segment on Mysterio. Also dug Rey's interactions with the other members of the Hart Dynasty.

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