Friday, 30 May 2014

Complete & Accurate Virus

So over the last few years Virus/Damiancito El Guerrero has become one of my favourite wrestlers, not just currently, but ever. He's one of those luchadors that's having incredible matches well into years of his life when the majority of wrestlers in history are on the steep decline. He's also a guy that's had two periods of his career looked at pretty closely (circa-1997 and the last six or so years), while there's a huge chunk in the middle that's almost never talked about. Given how amazing he was/is in the two periods folk have actually looked at, I don't doubt that there's a bunch of great stuff in the middle that's just right there to be discovered (or at least talked about a bit more). So I guess that's what I'm gonna try and do.

Same deal as the Tenryu and Anjoh projects -- I'll watch stuff and talk about it, and it'll all go under EPIC, GREAT, GOOD, FUN and SKIPPABLE. Here's to even more great years of Virus.

Damiancito El Guerrero & Pierrotito v Cicloncito Ramirez & Ultimo Dragoncito (CMLL, 4/5/97) - GREAT

Virus v Valiente (CMLL, 4/3/09) - GOOD

Virus v Guerrero Maya Jr. (CMLL, 6/7/11) - EPIC 

Virus v Loco Max (CMLL, 2/7/12) - GOOD
Virus & Arkangel de la Muerte v Fuego & Valiente (CMLL, 2/21/12) - GREAT

Virus, Cancerbero & Raziel v Magnus, Stigma & Starman (CMLL, 2/24/13) - GREAT
Virus, Puma & Namajague v Angel de Oro, Diamante & Valiente (CMLL, 4/30/13) - GOOD
Virus v Blue Panther (CMLL, 5/12/13) - EPIC
Virus, Puma & Misterioso Jr. v  Fuego, Hijo del Fantasma & Hombre Bala Jr. (CMLL, 5/19/13) - GOOD
Virus, Fuego & Vangellys v Negro Casas, Stuka Jr. & Valiente (CMLL, 6/14/13) - EPIC
Virus v Guerrero Maya Jr. (CMLL, 10/6/13) - EPIC 
Virus & Shigeo Okamura v Blue Panther & Delta (CMLL, 12/23/13) - GREAT

Virus, Okumura & Bobby Zavala v Stuka Jr., Fuego & Guerrero Maya Jr. (CMLL, 1/3/14) - GOOD
Virus, Terrible & Vangelis v La Mascara, Rush & Titan (CMLL, 1/21/14) - GREAT
Virus v Titan (CMLL, 1/28/14) - EPIC
Virus, Hechicero & Cachorro v Negro Casas, Cavernario & Dragon Lee (CMLL, 5/23/14) - EPIC
Virus v Dragon Lee (CMLL, 12/9/14) - EPIC

Virus v Dragon Lee (CMLL, 4/5/14) - EPIC

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