Monday, 19 May 2014

El Satanico!

Lizmark v Satanico (April 1984)

This was good, but I was hoping for spectacular and it wasn't that. I actually couldn't REALLY get all that into it, which is surprising given the participants. Maybe I should re-watch it. First caida matwork was super solid stuff and all looked like it was fought for. Whole match felt like a struggle, really. Like Satanico trying to keep hold of a Boston crab while Lizmark is trying to counter with a kind of hurricanrana, and both guys look like they're putting everything into that one battle. Lizmark has this awesome quality where he tends to come across as a master bullfighter (especially in title matches). He'll be charged at and he'll just skip aside effortlessly, and more often than not the bull goes flying through the ropes. That happened here, and he even followed up with a couple big dives. Satanico was his usual self, which, you know, awesome. His sell of taking the two piledrivers was great, writhing around on the mat like he got nerve damage. It had actually been quite a while since I last saw Satanico in a singles title match, and even though this never blew me away it certainly got me amped for the ones to come (especially re-watching the Cochisse match).

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