Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Rush and Casas RIOT! Again!

Rush, Terrible & Vangellys v Negro Casas, Shocker & Valiente (CMLL, 9/3/13)

So Rush and Casas still hate each other to death. This wasn't on the level of the amazing 6/28 match, but it was still plenty wild and had enough Rush v Casas for you to want to watch it. Have I mentioned that their feud is awesome? Because it is. Rush is a fucking psychopath in this, picking fights with partners and opponents alike, jumping on guys' heads and kicking around a midget. I know I'm like eight months behind on CMLL, but he's probably my favourite wrestler on earth right now. He absolutely drills Casas in the face with a running dropkick in the primera (Casas gives him one right back later that looked equally insane), then in the tercera he hauls off and headbutts him square in the snout. At the end of the second caida the tecnicos build up a head of steam and are pretty clearly ready to win the fall, so Rush just walks out and casually observes from up the ramp while Terrible and Vangellys eat pinfalls. Such an amazing dickhead moment, like "fuck it, why should I lose face for them?" Casas has the scrappy-old-man-underdog-that's-not-to-be-fucked-with role down to perfection. Rush is so much bigger and more imposing and he's running around obliterating everything in sight like a lunatic. Casas is almost a pensioner with greying hair and knee-high socks. But he just will not give this kid the satisfaction. Shocker had a few cool exchanges with the rudos and this is the second match in a row in which he hasn't looked dogshit. I'm kind of looking forward to him and Rush having a singles match, although that's like 97% because of Rush. The only problem with the Rush/Casas feud is that it's gonna be practically impossible for a singles match to live up to my expectations. But I'm sure as shit stoked about it all the same.

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