Thursday, 29 May 2014

Virus - Best Wrestler in the World?

Virus v Guerrero Maya Jr. (CMLL, 10/6/13) - EPIC

Might not be quite as great as their 2011 match, but fuck me if this wasn't still awesome. First caida is more less spent entirely standing up with both guys grappling and trading holds from the feet. They fight over hammerlocks and headlocks and it all felt really surly and nasty. When they eventually deviate from that Maya Jr. grabs Virus in a Gory Special, and Virus' struggle and eventual escape really encapsulated that first fall. Second caida is when they take it down to the mat proper, and I could absolutely watch Virus work the mat all day. I mean, Maya Jr. is capable and hangs in there, but Virus is a master. So I guess it made sense that Maya Jr. would ditch that and go to the high impact moves. His one-two punch of an insane neckbreaker followed by a really violent drop down dragon sleeper to finish the fall looked really awesome. Like their 2011 match, the third caida launches this into serious MOTYC territory. It's pretty much the perfect example of a third fall in a modern day CMLL title match. Maya Jr. hits two insane dives, the first of which is a no-hands screwball tope that I rewound like fifty fucking times. The second is a plancha from the top rope to the floor where his whole body connected with Virus' face. Virus might be the best wrestler in the world at working big transition spots into his matches, because they always feel different and are often spectacular. This time Maya Jr. goes to ram his face into the post, and Virus counters by running up it and using it as a launch pad to armdrag Maya Jr. on the steel floor. Guys trading indy roll-up nearfalls is one of my least favourite things in wrestling at this point, but now and again you'll see that spot not totally sucking. These two do it late in the match and it felt like two guys who are utterly exhausted really going for broke, rather than two guys doing it because they saw Eddie and Malenko do it way back. Even the ref' looks spent after it. That final submission is why Virus is king. Awesome match, and maybe my MOTY from last year.

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