Friday, 30 May 2014

Virus & Valiente! Twice!

Virus v Valiente (CMLL, 4/3/09) - GOOD

So this is a lightning match. It's not really the kind of match you want for a Virus/Valiente singles match, or a Virus match in general, but then there was that Virus/Panther lightning match from last year that was truly awesome, so it's not like this couldn't be good. Sure enough it was good. It really makes me wish we got a lengthy title match between the two (Virus usually gets to have one or two a year, so here's hoping...), because an abbreviated version of it is super fun. You get flashes of the killer mat exchanges, you get Virus doing at least one great transition spot, and you get Valiente wiping him out with at least one amazing dive. The crazy inside-out armdrag that set up Valiente's springboard moonsault was totally spectacular as well, actually. Even in lightning matches Virus manages to get across the wear and tear of the match. A lot of guys will run through as much stuff as they can and there's no selling at all, but Virus strikes the balance between keeping things moving and getting in everything they need to within the time limit, while selling enough after each big dive that you know it hurt like a bastard. Dives aren't just meant to look cool or pretty or elegant; they're meant to hurt. Virus reminds you of that. Now somebody give us the title match.

Virus & Arkangel de la Muerte v Fuego & Valiente (CMLL, 2/21/12) - GREAT

More Virus v Valiente. Honestly, every exchange pretty much pushes a lengthy singles match - preferably title match - into personal dream match territory. First caida is so great. Arkangel and Fuego start it out, and it's good stuff. Arkangel works really rough yet sort of stoogey, interspersing leverage holds with moments where he'll back up incredulously after being chopped. He was kind of Regalish in that sense. Fuego is fine enough of the mat and is all fist pumping tecnico charisma. Then Virus and Valiente get in there and just rip it with their exchange. Practically every time Virus takes it to the mat, regardless of opponent, he'll do something I've never seen before. Second caida is where Virus and Arkangel go full on rudo asshole and throw all sense of sportsmanship out the window. Working civilised never got them anywhere, so they shift gears and put a beating on Fuego and Valiente. Couple of the double teams looked pretty brutal, especially when Arkangel drapes Fuego across the top rope and Virus hits him with a running dropkick to the face with so much force that he ends up flying back in the ring. Third caida has some nice comeuppance with a couple sweet dives, and this was all just great stuff.

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