Tuesday, 27 May 2014

I Watched Some Wrestling from 2014

John Cena v Cesaro (WWE RAW, 2/17/14)

Cracking match. It was obviously the real coming out party for Cesaro, and he was great in it, but I thought Cena was too (some crummy punches aside). He was a pretty awesome ace in this and really went above and beyond to make Cesaro look on his level. Thing you remember most about this is the highspots, but in addition to being great on their own, they're all built to really well (some are used as hope spots or cut-offs -- Cesaro doing a lightning quick sunset flip to counter Cena's sit-out powerbomb and halt his comeback was honestly one of my favourite spots of the match). Cesaro has to be one of the most spectacular "big spot" wrestlers in the world right now. There was the fallaway slam with the bridge, both uppercut spots, the bit where he just deadlifts Cena and holds him there for a few seconds before muscling him into a gutwrench suplex, and of course the incredible outside-in superplex. I saw a clip of him do that to Kofi Kingston, which was impressive enough, but doing it to a guy like Cena is wild. Then Cena goes and hits a fucking DDT out of the giant swing (the build to Cesaro eventually doing it properly was also perfect) and busts out the crazy AA at the end and you're wondering if he doesn't have even more freakish strength than Cesaro. Cena has always felt a bit like a modern day Bob Backlund to me, in that Backlund would do all kinds of spots that required mutant strength as well. And that lariat to cut off Cesaro at the end was fucking amazing. I've seen hardly any wrestling from this year, but this is probably the best thing I've watched. 

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