Friday, 2 May 2014

Herodes v Salazar - Who Bleeds Most? (Another 80s Lucha Entry)

Tony Salazar v Herodes (3/2/84)

I think more than any of the 80s sets so far, this one has had the most amount of guys I'd barely heard of show up and be fucking awesome. And I'm only on the second disc. Herodes is a total rudo bruiser. He's rocking the Harley Race mutton chops/moustache combo with the Harley fro and I loved it. First two falls are over in like two minutes flat, but I dug how it kind of had a payback theme running through it even before they got to killing each other in the tercera. Herodes rams Salazar's head into the post, so Salazar does it right back. Herodes goes after Salazar's arm (does a senton onto his outstretched arm which was really cool) so Salazar goes after Herodes'. When Herodes loses the first caida he lies there like "okay, that did not go how I was hoping it would." Loved the bit in the second fall where Salazar annoys Herodes with his armwork to the point where Herodes just punches him in the back of the head. Third fall is for the vampires. Good golly miss Molly do they bleed. Herodes looks like he's trying to rip the skin off Salazar's forehead at one point so the ref' has to physically climb on top of him to get him off. Herodes takes a posting like a fucking man, then he takes a bulldog face first on the floor. By the end both guys look like they've been stabbed in the face. I thought it started to drag a wee bit towards the end, but other than that this was bloody and beautiful lucha brawling.

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