Wednesday, 21 May 2014

More Satanico! And La Fiera!

Satanico & Espectro Jr. v El Faraon & La Fiera (8/12/84)

This was pretty fucking great, but the dodgy tape jumping at points means we miss out on what looked like a few big transitions/momentum swings (Satanico/Espectro are mid-comeback, then there's a skip in the tape and it jumps to Faraon dropping Espectro with a fucking Ganso Bomb!). And that always bugs the shit out of me. Still, what we get ruled pretty hard. Fiera was a wildman in this, punching guys with a spiked glove, drinking their blood, nearly killing himself on a missed tope, etc. He and Faraon take the beating too far and are DQ'd in the first fall, and in between falls there's a crazy shot of both of them biting Satanico while Satanico lies there quivering helplessly. It was like something out of a Rob Zombie flick. At one point they grab Espectro in a dual surfboard and start ripping his mask at the same time. The tape jumps are especially annoying because they usually happen right as Satanico snaps and goes to murder folks. And those are moments you don't want to be missing. Finish is nuts, with Faraon body slamming Satanico face-first onto Fiera's knee (looked crazy as shit), Fiera missing a tope on Espectro and taking a psychotic faceplant bump to the floor, then Faraon following it up by actually hitting a tope of his own. Post-match bodies are strewn everywhere and Faraon is even giving Fiera chest compressions! Should comfortably finish top half.

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